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Designer: RuliCastle
3D artist: RuliCastle
Media type: 3D models
File formats: max, 3ds
Mats/shaders: No
Textures/maps : No
Game ready: No
Published: 2009-07-08
» Max model (101 Kb)
» 3Ds File (98 Kb)
» Max model (249 Kb)
» 3ds File (405 Kb)
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Rat-Man 3D Model by RuliCastle

3D Model of a supernatural Half Rat-Half human beings. Only the model is included.
The model is ready to be rigged.

It has 3 different levels of subdivisions.
Polygonal modeling.
The model does not include textures/mapping or mapping coordinates.

The model is sold in two formats, 3ds and 3DMax 9. For the 3DMax 9 version only the half of the model was included with a symmetric modifier to clone the other half.

The amount of polygons:

- no Subdivisions 3500 Polys
- 1 subdivision 14000 Polys
- 2 subdivision 47000 Polys

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