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3D Models

Dinning table 3D model
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In Top3Dmodels you will find a vast library of 3D Models and a world-class photography collection. The portal we have created, will allow you to get instant access to your selections and easy purchase process.

3D Models and GameReady

On top3Dmodels we have a long list of models ready to be used in Video Games and Real Time Applications. We take pride in our team of modelers making sure the Game-ready products have all stack collapsed, vertexes and faces properly welded and very low poly count. For this category image maps are provided in dimensions power of two as well.
Browse, search and find 3d Models according to your needs. All 3D models are previously textured make them ready to be used, including as well a 3ds and obj file version.

Stock Photography
Amazing shots from around the world, with animals, plants, architecture and lifestyles. Our photo bank is growing bigger and bigger every day, not with regular pictures, instead we only publish professional pictures took by professional artist.

February 22, 2018


Humpback Whale 3D Model Humpback Whale 3D Model - 3D models - 28 Nov, 2011
Excellent detailed model of a Humpback Whale. The model was created a very low count poly. This model does not include the texture. It has a basic material with no textu...

Rat 3D Model. Rat 3D Model. - 3D models - 03 Aug, 2011
Low Poly 3D model of a common Rat. The model is ready to be used. Material and textures included Both textures for diffuse and bumping are powers of two. 2048x1024...

Bull Shark 3D Model Bull Shark 3D Model - 3D models - 07 Jul, 2011
Bull Shark 3D Model. Low poly count. The scene included renders as per sample. All materials and textures included. HD shark texture. Samples were create with Vray. V...

Big Cargo blue Truck 3D model Big Cargo blue Truck 3D model - 3D models - 25 Feb, 2011
This is a Generic Low Poly 3D Model of a blue cargo truck. Textures and maps included. All textures are jpg and powers of two. Materials are standard good for any software. ...

Classic Silverware 3D Model Classic Silverware 3D Model - 3D models - 14 Oct, 2010
Dinning classic set. Silverware Excellent detailed models. ready to be used. Materials included. Vray materials. ...

President Obama Head. 3D Model President Obama Head. 3D Model - 3D models - 14 Oct, 2010
3D Model of Obama face. Done on max 2009. It is a polygonal model with very low poly count. The thumbnails were create with vray. All materials were included within ...

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