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Designer: RuliCastle
3D artist: RuliCastle
Media type: 3D models
# Vertexs: 3000
# polygons: 3000
File formats: max 8, obj
Mats/shaders: Yes
Textures/maps : Yes
Game ready: No
Published: 2009-07-09
» Max and text (879 Kb)
» Obj file (4679 Kb)
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Demon head 3D Model by RuliCastle

3D Model of a supernatural demon-human beings. Textures and maps included with the mesh. Procedural maps used to create the skin in 3dmax. The model is sold in two formats, 3d Max8 and obj. For the 3DMax 8 version the half of the model was included with a symmetric modifier to clone the other half. The amount of polygons: - no Subdivisions 3000 Polys - 1 subdivision 12000 Polys - 2 subdivision 46000 Polys
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