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Designer: RuliCastle
3D artist: RuliCastle
Media type: 3D models
# Vertexs: 2776
# polygons: 5452
File formats: max 8, 3ds, obj, fbx
Mats/shaders: No
Textures/maps : No
Game ready: Yes
Published: 2009-01-04
» Max model (113 Kb)
» 3Ds File (73 Kb)
» Obj File (109 Kb)
» Fbx file (141 Kb)
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RV Bus 3D Model. Low Poly by RuliCastle

RV Bus 3D Model. Low Poly.
This model do not include materials or textures. Is only the mesh.
Excellent for 3d games and 3d real time applications after materials and texture are applied.
Very low poly count
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